Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I wear?

Be comfortable! I recommend you wear fitted exercise clothes, ideally ones that wick away moisture.

What should I bring to class?

Please bring your own yoga mat, towel, and water.

Do I need to have yoga experience?

Not at all. Class is beginner friendly. I do my best to cue you through each posture/pose. We do them repeatedly so you can have an opportunity to feel the poses in your body.

What if I can’t twerk?

No worries! This is judgment free zone. The purpose of the class if you to have fun and let go of everything and leave it on your yoga mat.

Will I sweat?

Absolutely! Get ready and drink lots of water before class.

What is the age requirement for class?

Students must be 18 years or older to participate in class. 

I don’t have the “typical yoga body.” Do you offer modifications throughout class?

Yes! Remember, this is totally your practice. We invite and encourage you to do what feels good in your body. 

What if I am not that flexible?

Yoga actually promotes flexibility. You don’t have to be flexible to start doing yoga. During the workday, much of our activity or, lack there of, shortens muscles. Becoming more flexible is a great benefit of yoga, but the ultimate goal is to live more powerfully in mind, body and spirit. This gain happens regardless of whether or not you can touch your toes! 

What if I am pregnant?

We highly recommend asking your doctor. They know what’s best for you and your situation. 

I arrived to the studio late and the door was locked. Why?

We lock our yoga studio doors during class for the safety and security of our students. Our priority is to promptly begin and end each class on time. We recommend getting to the studio 5-15 minutes before class starts so you can get ready to get your yoga practice on.

Do you issue refunds?

No, I do not issue refunds on classes. All sales are final. 

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